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His eye for colour & organizational abilities are impeccable...


"I have used the professional services of Gokche Erkan for the past 15+ years.

He has both photographed & documented my art works. His eye for colour & organizational abilities are impeccable. He has also designed my web site, promotional material, exhibition invitations, giclee prints & art reproductions.

Many of these items are self printed, or he has overseen their printing at select printing companies. I trust Gokche completely with colour selection & graphic layout for a finished professional product."


Alice Burton, painter




A professional and an incurable perfectionist...


"Gokche Erkan is a professional and an incurable perfectionist which attests to

the phenomenal clarity, colour and detail of his work. His documentation and the printing of the artwork is impeccable. For over a decade he has done everything possible to meet deadlines and offer his incredibly generous services to me. If

you want the best, Gokche is your man! 


Paul Fournier, painter




His attention to detail gives me the best possible reproduction...


"I can always rely on Gokche's experience to diligently capture every colour,

shade and detail of a painting for my very particular limited edition buyers.

I leave the entire job from documentation to print to Gokche and his attention

to detail always gives me the best possible reproduction."


Takin Agdashloo, manager for Aydin Aghdashloo.




I can recommend Gokche Erkan without reservation...


"Gokche and I worked together over a most crucial and creative seven year period. I cannot speak highly enough of his skills in keeping the multi-layered recordings of my painting and photographic work - so necessary in pursuing a contemporary art career. Gokche also did all of my printing, and I had the delight of knowing that my work was in the hands of someone who had the highest standards. Nothing was ever just 'good enough,' it had to be the best it could possibly be. Gokche is also a gentleman 'of the old school,' and I could always rely on his unfailingly courteous manner whatever scenario was being played out, and over the years they were many and varied. Whatever your needs, I can recommend Gokche Erkan without reservation."


Marilyn Lightstone




Very professional results...


"We used Erkan Photography for our fine art catalogue and the results were very professional. He provided us with hard copy quality printouts of our photos as

well as the digital images."


Stephen Paul Fulton

Registrar, Miriam Shiell Fine Art Ltd.




A gifted photographer...


"Gokche photographed dozens of my paintings over the years. Some of these paintings were very large (some 9'x15' or larger) requiring very specialized lighting set ups. Gokche is a gifted photographer who controls every aspect of the documentation process. He knows how to light, photograph and process the digital files to produce an immaculate print. He is a perfectionist and will go to great lengths to produce the best image and print possible. His courteous manner and delightful personality makes it a joy to work with him. I would recommend Gokche for any photographic project."


Joseph Drapell,  painter

Marilyn Lightstone   2008  

Heron In the Reeds   40 x 16 in

Mixed media on Washi paper

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