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Artwork Documentation

Alice Burton   2012   Summer Essence   Mixed media   56 x 46 in

Whether submitting images of your artwork for grants/competitions/galleries, using them on your website or printing a catalog, great images are critical to your success. In most cases this is the first impression you give to a potential gallery owner, juror or a buyer.


As a former art gallery owner I am very aware of the importance

of capturing a good quality image of your artwork. 


I use the Betterlight system. This digital scanning back, combined with my 4"x5" Sinar camera and Rodenstock lenses, produces stunning results.


If you are an artist who desire to sell multiple copies of your paintings, watercolors or other original artwork I can help.


I had been documenting fine art for artists and galleries for twenty years. I control every aspect of the workflow, from photographing the artwork through color matching and proofing to final printing on the desired media. You will be very satisfied with the accuracy

of the reproductions I create from your originals.


Contact me to discuss your project.

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