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        Freelance Photographer and Videographer

        1985 - Present, Toronto, ON


        Extensive experience in advertising and commercial work, portraiture, concerts and musicians,

        interior design, architectural, travel and landscape photography.

        A specialist in artwork documentation and Fine Art Photography Printing and Giclee Reproductions.

        Experience in television programming, production and cinematography.


        Videographer at True Gravity Productions

        April 2015 to present.

        Contract work for industrial, educational and commercial videos.


        Photographer for the online auction company Maxsold

        Contract work as a photographer.

        June 2014 to present


        Videographer at DRC Video Productions

        Filmed dance recitals and competitions across Ontario and Canada.

        February 2015 to present


        Documentary Filmmaker

         "100 Years and Counting..."  A documentary about the 100th anniversary celebrations of West Neighbourhood House,

         (formerly St. Christopher House). 


        Studio Manager / Director for Marilyn Lightstone

        2007 – 2013

        Managed an art studio for well known Canadian actress / broadcaster / artist Marilyn Lightstone.

        Developed a strategy for marketing Lightstone’s artwork / Prepared all promotional and advertising materials.

        Curated several exhibitions of photography and mixed media.        

        Provided fine art printing services and photoshop work for digital images.


        Zoomer Media Limited

        MZTV Production and Distribution

        2009 – 2015

        Contract work as a cameraman for special productions such as “Ideacity”.


        Gallery 401 / Owner and Manager

        1995 - 2006, 401 Richmond Street West, Toronto, ON

        Established in March 1995, the gallery was a well-known showcase for a young emerging generation 

        of artists exhibiting contemporary photography, painting, sculpture and installations.


        City TV

        1992 - 1994, Toronto, ON

        Video editor for City Pulse News.





        Queen's University: B.A. (Hon) with a major in Film Studies. June 1982, Kingston, ON.

        St. Lawrence College of Arts, Kingston ON. Several courses in photography 1979-81.

        Ryerson University: Large Format Photography courses.1990,Toronto, ON

        Sony Video Workshops: Basic Production.1992, Toronto, ON



      Volunteer and charitable work


        Gokche is a founding member of “Canadian Turkish Media Association”, a not for profit corporation

        which produces a weekly Turkish language program, TURKUAZ TV, for OMNI Television. The first

        Turkish language TV program in Canada. Gokche has been a producer and videographer since the program

        started broadcasting in 2003. He was on the board of directors for eight years, last six, 2009-2015, as the President.


        A volunteer with the Meals on Wheels program of “West Neighbourhood House” 2005-2012.

        This is a charitable organization that was founded in 1912. It serves the Western downtown Toronto.

        Gokche also served as a volunteer director on the Board of Directors from June 2007 to September 2013.

        West Neighbourhood House(formerly St. Christopher House). 



        Solo and group exhibitions of fine art photography since 1991.

        Gokche has been traveling and photographing landscapes and historic sites in different countries 

        for many years. He seeks to share his passion for his art and the world around him by exhibiting his work.    


        Solo Exhibitions


        Duality: The state of being dual or consisting of two parts

        May 2001, Gallery 401, Toronto, ON

        An exhibition of B&W, selenium toned silver gelatin prints. All images were of Toronto’s architecture 

        and Ontario’s landscapes. (CONTACT 2001)


        Vancouver Island, A Glimpse of Paradise

        May 1999, Gallery 401, Toronto, ON

        An exhibition of panoramic landscapes with a select few Giclee prints from Vancouver Island. 

        (CONTACT 1999)


        Where I Found Peace

        May 1998, Gallery 401, Toronto, ON

        An exhibition of large format & panoramic, landscape photographs. (CONTACT 1998)



        March 1995, Gallery 401, Toronto, ON

        A collection of landscapes, interior and architectural photographs from Cyprus, Turkey and Toronto.


        Vatan - Native Country

        Feb. 1994, The Coffee Tree, Toronto, ON    

        An exhibition of landscape photographs taken in Cyprus and Turkey. Upon invitation this exhibition                                         was again displayed in Nicosia, Cyprus in September 1994.



        Select Group Exhibitions


        Mysteries of Land & Sea
        May 1 - 31, 2013 at Latitude 44 Gallery.
        A selection of landscape photographs from Quebec and New Brunswick (Contact 2013).


        Annual Holiday Show

        December 2 - 18, 2011 at Arta Gallery in the historic Distillery District

        Exhibited several landscape photographs of New Brunswick and Gaspe Peninsula.


        The client show

        February 2009, at Toronto Image Works Gallery.

        Exhibited several landscape photographs of Lake Temagami.


        Black & White and still Blue

        July 1991, Harbour Front, Toronto, ON

        A selection of photographs of blues Musicians.



        Artist Statement


        On coming to Canada in 1977, I lived with my father on his farm near Kingston, Ontario; my introduction 

        to the Great Canadian Landscape, but it was only when I began taking photographs that I could share its 

        beauty. I have spent many years as a commercial photographer, but for personal work I always return to 

        the landscape with which I have a spiritual connection. 


        What makes most landscapes beautiful is the quality of the light, intricate patterns, striking movement 

        and the lovely colours. True… But what most interests me is capturing the energy and spirituality that 

        emanates from a particular landscape.


        Gokche Erkan,   January 2017

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